Women's T-Shirt - Sheer Scoop-Neck • Yin-Yang A-01
SKU: AF06-001

FINDING YOUR SIZE:  In inches.  NOTE:  An additional charge applies to sizes 2XL and above to offset extra costs.  Pricing on this page will adjust automatically if you select any such extra-charge sizes.

XS 33 - 34 25 - 26 35 - 36 24.50
S 35 - 36 27 - 28 37 - 38 25.00
M 37 - 38 29 - 30 39 - 40 26.00
L 39 - 40 31 - 32 41 - 42 27.00
XL 41 - 42 33 - 34 43 - 44 28.00
XXL 43 - 44 35 - 36 45 - 46 29.50

SIZECHEST (In / Cm)LENGTH (In / Cm ) XS31.00  /  78.724.50  /  62.2S34.00  /  86.825.00  /  63.5M36.00  /  91.426.00  /  66.0L40.00  /  101.627.00  /  68.6XL44.00  /  111.828.00 /  71.1XXL46.00  /  116.829.50  /  74.9


ADDITIONAL SIZES:  None for this garment.  
For various garments in sizes below Small and above 2XL, see our Get Small™ and Live Large™ collections

SHRINKAGE:  Minimal with proper care, as the fabric is pre-shrunk. (See below.)


ARTWORK - FRONT:  The Painted Tao Series:  - Original Art by Will Barger 
 Based upon the mandala traditions of art from ancient Taoism and Buddhism, this digital painting features the iconic yin-yang symbol for duality and balance in nature and humankind.  Spiritual considerations aside, we think it's a cool graphic, too.  

 This version of the basic design features an aged, wood-like rendering with rich textures.

ARTWORK - BACK:  None, unless the "Print Back Too" option is selected, in which case the same artwork on the front of the shirt will be reproduced on the back - typically in a slightly larger size.


RELATED WORKS:  For information on related works of art, please click on the Related tab above.


GARMENT CARE:  _______.

FABRIC DETAILS:  100% ring spun cotton at 3.2 ounces per square yard.  40 single threads per inch.  Pre-shrunk.  Certified free of harmful substances to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

PRODUCTION - DTG (Direct To Garment):  Printed Individually to Your Order on a pre-sewn garment in standard sizes using durable, eco-friendly pigments infused into the fibers of the garment in up to 24 million colors.  Typically, there is little to no show-through or feel on the inside of the garment, which remains more breathable in printed areas than traditional silk-screened items.  On the outside, the feel of the printed areas tends to be much softer and more pliable than the "plastic" feel of traditional silk-screening.  On lighter-colored garments, the difference in feel between printed and unprinted areas may be subtle, especially after several washings.  Darker-colored garments often require an under-layer of white ink to assure vibrant printed colors, and therefore may sometimes have a slightly "heavier" feel on printed areas.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:  Garment primarily cut and sewn in Nicaragua, but can also come from Haiti, depending upon availability at any given time.  Printing applied by our production partners in Southern California, USA.


I N T E R N A L   U S E 



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   From our Will Barger Signature™ line, this featherweight, semi-fitted top features a contoured-silhouette shape to flatter your curves, and feminine sleeves.  Constructed with side seams in a smooth, tightly knit fabric of pre-shrunk, ring spun, breathable 100% cotton.  The neck offers an additional touch of casual and keep-you-cool fashion with its full-scoop shape and a single-needle seamed collar.  Traditional tags have been replaced with a printed-inside label that coordinates with the specific shirt color you choose.  Double-needle hems on the sleeves and bottom complete the quality finishing of this garment.

     Available in 8 colors and 6 sizes, plus an additional-charge option to also print the same artwork on the back of the shirt.  

     For information on the availability of this artwork and/or related designs on this and other products, please click on the Related tab above.

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