Flare Dress | Fish Flowers #1

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This casually stylish dress is made to your order -- with the design first printed onto blank fabric, and then cut and sewn using advance, environmentally friendly dye-sublimation processes and materials in a safe, living-wage facility.  As a result, the unique Will Barger Original ArtWear* item you receive may differ slightly from the images shown on this page. [Learn More]

It's made of a custom-developed micro-knit of spandex and eco-poly for a soft, slinky, stretchy, smooth, and moisture-wicking fabric.  The flared drape is cut to fall mid-thigh. It's made to keep it's shape, and the vibrant colors never fade.

The placement of the artwork on this dress provides a subtle vest-like appearance that adds a slimming effect -- including a bit of waist-cinch look that provides a bustier effect to accent your curves.  

If you're the type that can find little creatures in clouds, you'll probably find many little characters lurking in this design, too.  (See the detail view of the original artwork in the extra images on this page.)  Not bad for a Will Barger painting that initially started out as a photograph of a really tasty rainbow trout, turned into an abstract painting of coral "flowers", and then ended up on your dress.

Although the art on the front and back is very similar, it's scale and positioning is subtly different.  Because this dress is cut for wearing with either side to the front, this gives two options to choose from.

For information on the availability of this same design and similar works on other garments, home-decor products, and other items, please see the Related tab above.  Some of those related designs offer a more accentuated difference between the looks of the front v. the back of the dress.

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